Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My E2 is here.

Good Morning,
So my E2 (cricut expression 2) came yesterday and I am so excited. I have so many plans for my little friend heehee . Here are some random pictures of it. I will post a project later today. I will also be continuing my progress over this past year. Thanks for stopping by.

This is the front view as you pull it out of the shipping box:
 and the Back view:
 Out of the box in HER new home:
 Rest time, you know a  girl needs her beauty sleep. The cover (blanket ;-]) is made with fabric from Hobby Lobby and Iron on letters it was for my regular expression so its a little big. My loving mother did it for me, so hopefully I can get her to make me another one Wink Wink. Thanks mom.
Hope you all enjoyed my random pic's. I will see you all later.......
okay as promised here is a fast card I made today


Sue-Ann said...

Love it Nina! You are doing a great job on your blog...I've got to do one too! LOL

Nina said...

Thank you Sue-Ann, yes you do. I see a very bright future for "Erica's Girls" thanks for the support.

Ms.BDiamondDiva1 said...

Congrats on your new blog!!!:-) Can't wait to share projects!!! Happy Crafting!!!:-)