Friday, May 6, 2011

A Cleaning and Shopping Day

Good Morning All, Hope you all are having an awesome morning. Lots going on today. I will be clean my never ending craft mess. Three desk in the room and all full of mess LOL. I will also be takeing part in a Facebook Challenge over on Erica's Room page if you have not had a chance to swing by there you need to do so.!/profile.php?id=100002089199068. We have to create something useing the function keys minius the shadow key. Basically useing the extras on the cartridge (not the primary images on the cartridge or the shadow fuction which goes with it ). Sounds fun right. get lost haha.
Hope to post an update on it when I get it cleaned up. First I have to get Ready to go get this food for our Yummy Mothers day Celebration. Enjoy you Friday and have a SCRAPTASTIC day.

Is there a top to that desk??? wish me luck I may


JustMeJustina said...

Love your space! I wish I could paint my walls pink but it wouldn't look good with the cabinets I have in here. But it may discourage the boys to come in here. =)

HotPinkScrapper said...

Awe thank you. I am Very lucky to have my own area to come to, but it sure doesnt keep the little ones out lol but in your case Im sure it would :-). I have a wall unit it is white it is on the other wall so I will post pictures when I get done cleaning

Autumn said...

HOLY COW!!!!! What a crafty area!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I'll have to show y'all my sad little space sometime... :) (and I even like the pink! THAT'S my kind of pink!)