Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the world.
Hope you all have a fabulous day filled with love and children .

Well sadly I have to report that I have not cleaned my scrap room yet I started and move to another part of the room and started and to another and now it is a bigger mess. LOL what am I going to do ??? The one thing I can say is that I have the insides of my cabinets cleaned out and organized. Now I am stuck to cleaning my paper out an organizing that. Its just the problem of finding where things "place's" are and if "I" need it , but in my eyes I need everything lol . I want it all really. So here is an update of the hot mess:
here are the boxes I put all my holiday things in (finally)
 and this here this is just a mess:
I also went to a yard sale and picked up MORE things to add to the mess:
$17.00 later I am  happy crafter..... paper rack,3.00 tissue box brand new 1.00 + mini chalkboard free, key hold(blue) 1.00, test tube looking thing 1.00, mirror 10.00 :-);-) oh and some cute little sandal for my 2 year old 1.00


Sue-Ann said...

cool finds! Love yard sales.

HotPinkScrapper said...

Thanks Sue-Ann. I love them too

Debbie Brown Jones said...

I cant wait for yard sale season to start here in Ny. We usually start seeing them at the end of May. Your mess looks like my mess. I'm just getting it done little by little.

'Chelle said...

lots of cute stuff!
and hey, if you decide you DO have stuff you *don't* need, I'll gladly take it off your hands...LOL...I recently found out that our local Habitat Home Store has a good supply of crafty stuff...I got a TON of stuff a few weeks ago for under $10...I didn't buy all the stuff they had bc I didn't have the $$ to that day...but OMG, I SO could have!