Friday, July 22, 2011

My new Desk

hello Crafty Friends
How are you all doing this lovely day ?
Well Yesterday I got to work on my desk. I was so happy and so very hot. This Georgia Heat is really kicking in. I think as soon as I walked out, I was sweating. enough about my sweat more about my awesome desk, that I happen to be so proud of. So here it is :

This is the before& After picture:                   

I am using Jetmax Cubes for the leg. The table top is 48x80 inches.


JustMeJustina said...

Ok so now you know how to make this amazing you can make me one. =) Love it....great job!

Jamie said...

So did you just go buy the wood that size, sand it down, and paint it and then just put it on top? Anything to make it stay? I'm looking into doing this.

Connie Layman said...

Worth all the sweat! Great job Nina!

Lisa said...

This looks fabulous! Lots of workspace! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the Christmas in July Blog Hop :)


Angie said...

Nice job!! I like your ideas. Do you find it frustrating to have to go around the table to get in the other drawers if you need something in them??